How To Make Money Online (Earn Upto US$100-200/Day)

Do you also want to earn online at home or are you thinking about how to earn money online at home? Then I will tell you some ways through which you can earn millions of money at home.

So you must have done a lot of research regarding earning money online, you must have watched videos etc. about how to earn money online, but whatever information you get in the video is always wrong.So, the methods I am going to tell you, you can earn well from home by them, you can earn millions of rupees per month, so you don’t need to go to anyone, you don’t need to reach out to anyone, if you If you have a touch mobile then you can earn money from home by learning how to do it.If you read this article completely then I hope you will be able to earn money.

So what are the 6 ways you can earn money?

1 Blogging

You must have heard the name of blogging that you can earn millions of money per month from blogging, but you have never thought about how to earn money from blogging. If he is earning, then the first thing that he wants to do is to do this. Blogging, you must have heard the name of blogging. So this is a great option for you. Blogging is a platform that will make you earn money online from home, that is, you can earn dollars. Regarding blogging, if you want to know how you can learn it. So here on YouTube there are a lot of great courses, you can go there and learn by watching and start blogging and earn millions of rupees per month sitting at home.

If I give you the information here, first of all you have to create your own blog, that is, you have to create a website, then you have to get the approval for it, then you have to monetize it. You can earn from it. If talking about blog, it is very easy to make it. You can share with people whatever you like, write about it in your blog and when you put 25 to 30 posts on your blog, then you can send your blog to Google and check that. will do it and monetize your blog and it will do it, now there are many more options in blogger, that is, you can earn money online by taking sponsorship in your blog.

2 Google Adsense

If we talk about Google AdSense, Google AdSense is a platform that provides earning in dollars to all users and through it people are earning millions of dollars per month. Today everyone is turning towards Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a platform in which you can connect your YouTube channel website application to these three platforms and earn from there. Google Adsense Today Nowadays it is the only platform which is attracting its users and users are able to earn lakhs of rupees per month by being attracted to it. After that, you earn in Google AdSense, that is, the YouTube earnings also go in Google AdSense. If I give you an example, Google AdSense is Google AdSense. Dad, if you want to use Google Adsense or want to learn about it, then you can use Google Adsense with block, you can also do it with YouTube channel, you can also do it with application and earn millions of rupees per month.

3 Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard the name of Affiliate Marketing, quite a lot of people are also talking about it that we are earning millions of rupees per month sitting at home from Affiliate Marketing. You people can earn money by doing online marketing, you often go to any shop, then you give money to another person, i.e. the owner of the shop, and take things from him. Let’s take the owner who keeps his profit and gives things to you. Now he who keeps the profit means he keeps his profit, he is doing a marketing. Yes, if you have a YouTube channel, then you review some mobile phone or tell about it, then you can provide uplink there and earn from affiliate marketing from there. You can open a store here and here.You can earn money from

4 Drop shipping

You must have heard the name of drop shipping a lot. Now people are earning millions of money at home through drop shipping. Now what information do you have about drop shipping? Do you want to make money online by doing drop shipping? So first of all you will need to learn its course i.e. it is also the brother of aflet marketing i.e. it is like this you can do upmarketing in it too.

5 App development

You must have heard the name of app development. How can you earn money online by creating an app? Money is earned, if you talk about it, then this is also a very easy way. You can earn millions of rupees monthly by making an application for earning money.

6 YouTube channel

If we talk about the YouTube channel, here you can create your own channel on YouTube. It is very easy. You can create it on any category in which you are interested. You can share it with people, then you will earn according to the number of people who learn your skills or watch your videos. If your video gets millions of views, you will earn millions from YouTube every month. You can earn Rs. Making YouTube channel is not a difficult task. You can easily create it by giving your gmail and with it YouTube’s criteria is 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers when you have. If you go, you will be able to earn from YouTube channel


So in the end, I will tell you that the topics that I have shared with you, that is, whatever I have told you, these are platforms through which you can earn millions of rupees per month sitting at home if you use them. If you learn even one course and work on one platform, then it will be of your benefit and your future will also be good in it. Today is the era of technology and online money spinner. Tomorrow everyone wants to earn money online from home, so the platforms that I have mentioned with you are the platforms provided by Google itself and also complete instructions to earn money. Let’s you learn it and earn money online from home

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