How to recover deleted photos on Android 2023

You might have accidentally or accidentally deleted a very beautiful photo from your phone or tablet. Or worse, maybe your device has crashed, and you want to somehow recover some photos saved on it. What often happens is that our photos and videos are accidentally deleted from our mobiles. Yes, it is kids in the house who grab the mobile, and they delete all the photos and videos, so how can you recover it? Now you need to get back all the deleted photos. In this article, we are going to tell you how to recover deleted photos on Android devices. And you guys can get back all your photos and videos by following this method.

How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos on Android?

In the next article, we will examine three different approaches. These methods are classified from simple to slightly complex. So we hope everyone can use them. And you guys can do whatever you want to consider your photo video by following these methods. In the first method, we will recover deleted photos from cloud services, and in the second method, we will recover from SD memory. Let’s take a look at how to recover deleted photos. Finally, we will discuss a special method that only owners of rooted phones can use. And I am going to tell you these three ways, I have done a lot of research to tell you, stay with us.

1)How to Recover Deleted Photos from Cloud Services

Most cloud services you can use to store photos (not Instagram, of course) allow you to back up your photos. If you have this feature enabled, it is highly unlikely that you will lose your photos. In this case, deleting a photo from the phone application will not delete it from the cloud service. That is, the cloud service you use will not delete their photos.

To restore a photo, you need to log in to your cloud service and restore the photos backed up to it once again. That is, what you have backed up to the cloud service you have to reactivate it In Google Photos, first, open the photo and select Save to device from the menu. In Dropbox, you’ll find this option under Export > Save to Device. This way, whatever photos you have saved on your mobile device will now be given one.

But if you have deleted the desired photo or photos from the cloud services, you should restore them. And if you’ve done something like that, you’ll have a little understanding tomorrow and how easy it will be to tell you. Most of these services have automatic and hidden backups. Therefore, the recovery of images will be possible. In the “Google Photos” application, first, enter the software and select the “Trash” or “Bin” option from the sidebar. Select and hold any of the photos you want to recover, then select the “Recover” option. And you guys follow my method to recover whatever photos and videos you want to recover. Living dress is to be done, after which your image will be restored

To retrieve photos from the “Microsoft OneDrive” cloud service, you should open the software and then go to “Me > Recycle Bin.” If you use the cloud service, you need the software. You have to open it, select the desired files, and select the “Restore” icon. OneDrive keeps deleted files for 30 days. Of course, it’s unlikely he’ll remove it entirely any time soon. That is, of course, he will finish it from there, especially if it’s a “recycled bin”, it’s very easy to do, and it’s not difficult. Don’t think that it’s a difficult task.

In the Dropbox application, you should use its desktop (computer) version. That is, if you don’t have a computer, you should use the desktop version on your mobile. After running the program, “Files > Delete Go to “Recovered Files” and select the files you want to recover. These files can be retrieved within 30 days after deletion. That is, if you have deleted any photo from your Dropbox app or mobile, it remains there for thirty days, after which it is automatically deleted. It is automatically deleted, and you can retrieve it

Most other cloud services work similarly, but some terms may differ. Many cloud services perform similar functions but may differ slightly.

2)Recover deleted Android photos from SD memory.

But if you have not saved your photos on cloud services, the best option would be to recover photos from SD memory. And if you haven’t saved any of your photos and videos in the cloud service, then the best option for you is a memory card, i.e., an SD card. To do this, you connect your memory card to your computer. Can and use different memory recovery software to recover lost photos. Deleted files remain in SD memory. Unless they are replaced by a new file, of course. And you guys can get back all your photos that have been deleted from your mobile in this way, so it’s better to try to restore files immediately after deleting them. through which you can bring back your photos and videos

Of course, it should be noted that since Android no longer supports the USB mass storage protocol, you guys must be thinking that we might as well use USB or else it doesn’t support the thing anymore. Keep in mind that it doesn’t, so it won’t be possible to recover deleted files from the internal memory of Android phones and tablets. So now it’s much more difficult for you because it won’t be possible and also it’s very difficult to recover the messages you have, it also makes it difficult to recover deleted text messages.

Recover deleted photos from Android using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

This is the best application EaseUS Data Recovery to recover your deleted files. This application is very good as I have used it myself. Can install and run on both Macs. First, connect your memory to the computer somehow. That is, how do you connect it to your computer or use the memory reader of a laptop or card reader? This software is used in your drive as well as your memory card. This way, you can use this application to get back deleted photos.

Select your memory card and then click on the option to scan it. The application now searches for recoverable files. With the free version of Recover Any Photo Video Deleted From Your Mobile, you can recover up to 2GB of deleted data. Scanning memories may take more than 20 minutes. Of course, you can do other things with the computer that you want. In the example here, if you have deleted WhatsApp messages and numbers on your mobile, this application will recover them.

Select the “Type” option from the left panel. Click the down arrow next to “graphics” and select the “jpg” option. Now, all the recoverable photos will be displayed for you. That is, whatever you want to recover, you have to click on it and select the option you want and click “Recover Now. After selecting, you can know where the file to be saved is from where it is recovered. Now, you can also upload your image if you want to save it.

3)How to recover lost photos on the connected phone.

If your Android device is rooted, then you will have access to recover deleted files. That is how you can upload photos and videos to your mobile if it weasyasy to staeasytunately. If your Android device is rooted, then you won’t have any problem recovering your files. That means you can easily get back your photos and videos. You can use disk the Digger application to recover your deleted photos. This application is completely free, and you can use it to recover your photos and videos with root access. And you will find this application in the Play Store. It is a very good application that recovers a lot of data. It was also ten years ago

Run the app and give it root access. You can see the option score of basic scan and full scan. That means whatever you are recovering will show you while scanning and will also recover your photos and videos. For this reason, use the “Full Scan” section.

Find your phone’s internal memory. Typically, this partition is named data. Tap on it and then select the type of file you are looking for. Sometimes, it happens in which folder your photos are located and you think they are deleted. So what do you do next (probably one with a JPG or PNG extension)? Finally, click “OK”

As soon as this application starts scanning, it will recover all your photos at a weekly speed, and you can also see them in small sizes. This application will not only display deleted photos but also all existing photos in your memory. This application, dude, I have used it myself. This is your WhatsApp message. Contact people who want to recover messages or anything, and then the application will do it for you within seconds. This process may take some time. You can click the “Settings” icon to filter the results. In this section, all limited results apply, Android some options are found, but you do not have to worry about it. Its rating is also very good, its downloads are also quite high and people use it quite a lot.


In this, the location which you have saved will be shown to you in the file. That means you guys will get all your photos and videos now you must save them if you want to save them then you can I hope you like this article and you will get more You will also benefit from following this website and giving it a good rating so that you will get more interesting posts like this here. There is an option to send. Select the “DCIM” folder and click “OK” to save.


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