8 Good Money Earning Apps That You Can Download On Your Device 2023

Nowadays every person wants to have enough money in his pocket, he wants money as the world has become digital, so is earning money using the best money-making apps. These applications can be downloaded directly to your phone, and you can earn from the comfort of your home

Sometimes we come across people who don’t want to travel long distances due to constraints like work at home, studies etc. For example, housewives, high school and college students, or someone who recently lost their job. Also, some people want to make their way through passive earning methods as well. After all, who wants to add extra to their already existing income? You have come to this article where you will be told about how to earn money and much more.

Best money-making apps

Many apps will give you the best money-making opportunities that you can download on your phone to increase your income using the digital medium.


Meshu is a recent app that has been one of the e-commerce platforms. So this is one of the few affiliate links that allow people to earn money by registering themselves as sellers or resellers. Hence, making this app one of the top money-making apps. Here, you can sell fashion and lifestyle products using WhatsApp and Facebook as a medium. You can share whatever Asia means by business with each other

You will find almost no one in the world who does not desire money. As the world has gone digital, so has made money using the best money-making apps. These applications can be downloaded directly to your phone, and you can start earning.

2.Google’s opinion

Google Opinion is one of the best money-making apps that can help you earn cash or credit by answering questions. These questions are market research questions that anyone can participate in. Depending on the domain you are interested in and your ability you can answer the questions

It is used in iPhone as well as Android mobile and is available in Initially, you need to provide basic information about your location and surveys that you can be a part of. You earn some money for the survey you take. So what you want to spend at the end of the month is too much for you

PS: Always remember one thing guys the Google feedback app has been updated to keep the version compatible.


From 2011-2021, the rate of women was 38% which I think is quite low. In another data from the National Family Health Survey, it was found that only 32 per cent of married women in the country are employed. This shows the growing demand to improve the economic status of women as well. The concept of Sheroes fits perfectly.

One of the best money-making apps with its social networking site connects women from different backgrounds to connect on various issues. Also, it connects women sellers and resellers who can earn a lot of money for their business by using this app. Even if some do not have a professional degree, it ensures that you get certified as a MARS partner. Finally, if you guys are educated or mean uneducated it gives a lot of opportunities to all people

4.Say yes, we pay.

This application is one of the best money-making applications USpeak We Pay. As the name suggests, it’s an audio and language-based app that helps train artificial intelligence (AI). Here, you need to select your language of expertise and help the app record your voice by reading the sentences that flash on the screen. This helps them train AIs around the world. Moreover, you can earn more by using the referral system and when your referral you share with anyone, you get a nice profit.

And you can get credit from a wide variety of languages ​​you can use, such as Hindi, Odia, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada. After the reading is finished, the money is transferred to your bank account.

5.Swag boxes

What is the name of a house coffee that is similar to this? By the way, Swagbucks is one of the best money-making apps out there and lets you earn money from the universe and more by doing games and more. Is. You can convert Open News and other promotional ads to earn more credits using the app. Also, paid surveys help you earn money by offering your opinions and ideas. According to the app,

“Your opinion matters,” and that’s where you get the upper hand. Be it sharing beliefs, earning by sharing receipts, shopping online to earn more, and receiving bonuses and offers accordingly, this app gives you a lot of ways to earn money.

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6.Task Boxes

Are you guys interested in playing the app for you, in case, is TaskBuck?. ?u can earn coins by participating in games and quizzes on this app. Also, these coins can be converted into cash later.

And further you can participate in many ways to earn as well. You can also earn money by recommending the app to people in your connections. Additionally, you can also win complimentary talk time using task books. And in this, you can easily make ten thousand times

7.Pocket money

In 2014, this app was introduced meaning in this year and also you can earn money from it at home. Working, watching videos, and playing tombola are all you need to do on this app to earn extra money.

And besides this application has charged its users with millions of mobiles. The creators of the app also mentioned that being active on the app can earn you a reward of Rs 7000. Additionally, Pocket Money is a great application if you want to pay bills, movie tickets, and household expenses among the top money-making apps.

8.Offer up

With one of its simplest apps and a human marketplace that makes money, OfferUp, which recently acquired rival Letgo, takes the hassle out of selling online. OfferUp is one of the best money-making apps for selling used goods as it has a streamlined listing process and helps retain customers nationally or locally.

Visitors can add to the project by creating a photo of themselves in this application, uploading it and creating a description and paying a price. You can set a fixed price that is open to the first willing buyer or an inquirer Price that is open to negotiation. Viewers can request questions from the seller or share their favourites and wishes with the app


There are many ways to earn money and among them, the application that will tell you this application is a very good application and the best to earn money. It does not depend on whether you are employed or not. They can always help you earn more. And in this you do not need to use any physical strength or go anywhere if you have a mobile then you can earn money sitting at home.

Instead, your participation is all that matters. Frankly, these days, when apps are liable to cheat you and keep spending the earned money on the same app, it is always safe to keep some options open where the money is yours without many conditions. is credited to the account. This and this will not only give you a place to mess around but will keep you real and you can make money from it.


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