How To Make Money Online (Earn up to 100-200 USD per day)

Today we will talk about how to earn money online in today’s era. How can we earn money online sitting at home? Be it or any platform, but your search is always going on regarding making money online, so in this regard, I thought to myself, why not explain to you in a good way how you guys can earn millions of money sitting at home. can make money online today every person wants no matter which country he is in or his income is good but he wants me to earn millions monthly by making money online

So in making money online I will tell you some ways that if you guys follow then you can earn lakhs of rupees per month sitting at home you don’t need to go to any application or website. There is no need to invest. You can earn money online by working at home for free. If you are a beginner, you don’t know much. You don’t know online. How is money earned? You guys can still earn up to 100,000 rupees a month online.

1 Blogging

You must have heard the name of blogging for a long time, whatever platform you use, be it Tik Tok or YouTube, everyone tells you to start blogging and work on it and earn millions of rupees per month from home. Earn is it true how much truth is there so here I am going to tell you about it this is absolutely true if you have the skills to create a blog and have some skill up then you can create your own blog And from this blog you can earn millions of money per month. You can create a blog on any category that you know about. Create a blog like this, even if it is related to digital marketing. You have talent, you have to share it with people

So when you have a blog it’s monetization process if they are also completed by you guys then when you guys complete it you have to upload some posts and its Then Google checks it and monetizes your blog, when it is modernized, then your earning starts from that day, so there are two ways to earn money in blog. I give traffic when you work with different brands they give you sponsorship and sponsor chip money that if you promote their brand then they will give you money so you people double You can earn money from here. Another way is Google Adsense. Now you must have thought that what is Google Adsense and how to earn money from it.

2 Google Adsense

If we talk about Google Adsense, I think all the people working online in the whole world are making money online using Google Adsense. Known as it is a part of Google that earns people millions of money per month from here you can use google adsense you can use google adsense with your youtube channel application website when you have a google adsense Monetization is done, approval is received, then your earning starts. Google AdSense, people can see the earnings in dollars. Once it gets monetized, it gets connected with it and after that, as much traffic as you get on your blog, Google Adsense gives you the same amount of income. Getting more and more famous

3 YouTube channel

If you have YouTube channel then you can earn lakhs of rupees from there too. When talking about YouTube, it often comes to your mind that we watch videos on YouTube, how can we earn money from there? I also tell you about how you can earn money from your YouTube channel. Whatever skill you have, whatever talent you have, make a video like this and YouTube channel for two minutes. It is very easy for you to create people, after that you have to upload whatever videos you have, after that you have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on YouTube. So YouTube channel monetization of YouTube team’s channel makes it own, after all the views on your video, it gives you money, your earnings are in dollars, so this is also a great way to earn money. You can connect your YouTube channel with Google Adsense

4 App development

How to earn money from application You have often seen different applications on Play Store or Google, they can be games or Islamic or anything you know, you see different types of applications, have you ever I have thought that we can also earn money from home by making an application. Yes, you can earn millions of rupees per month by making an application. Create an application for people, when you create an application, later you upload it to the Play Store, in this way, you are monetized, and as many people download your application, you will continue to earn. Your money will continue to grow, so you can earn a lot of money online

5 Drop shipping

You must have heard the name of drop shipping. By doing drop shipping, we can earn millions of money per month sitting at home and it has become very famous these days. As the era is progressing, people are searching more and more about making money online. If we talk about the earlier era, people did not know much about drop shipping, what it is. Drop shipping is such a business. What is called as online business means here you can open your own store and sell things cheap and expensive and keep the profit from here and earn money online by doing drop shipping. People can earn lakhs of rupees per month sitting at home and you can become rich in these days

6 Fleet Marketing

You must have heard the name of Fleet Marketing and nowadays everyone says that you can do Fleet Marketing sitting at home and you can earn millions of rupees, so it is absolutely true. That is, if you go to any shop, you say to him that we want this thing, he gives you that thing and keeps his profit in this way, that is, he makes it expensive for you, then he brings it cheap from the back. Like they are also earning money, so it is the same with aflet marketing that it is known as online marketing, here also you can open your own store and buy cheap things in it and sell them to people at high prices. You can do upmarketing and earn millions of rupees per month sitting at home

7 Amazon

Today every person knows the name of Amazon, there is also a child about Amazon, so he also thinks about Amazon, what is Amazon and how to earn money from it, so Amazon’s marketing is increasing nowadays. There are quite a lot of people working on Amazon and selling at home and earning millions of rupees per month. In fact, Amazon is also an online business. You can sell your products in any country of the world sitting at home. Amazon is such a business, even if you are sitting at home, you can take cheap things from different stores and sell them to people at wholesale rates and earn a lot of money here.

8 Cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency trading so called is very booming nowadays everyone is taking the name of cryptocurrency can cryptocurrency make you rich in days can you earn millions of rupees from here cryptocurrency up people trading here You can earn money online by doing it and you can have loss and gain in it. If you talk about benefit, then here you can earn three lakhs in a day and if you talk about loss, here you can. But you can lose five lakhs in one day Crypto currency if you have good knowledge about it then you guys can go for it.


So here I have told you nine S methods, if you follow them, you can earn millions of rupees per month sitting at home and all the methods I have told you here are true and real methods. If you guys are looking for ways to earn money online from home then you won’t find better ways than this anywhere else, read and learn these methods well and after that you guys can earn money online from home. become

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