Can a Person Tell if I Shared My Status Only With Them on Whatsapp?

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, offers a range of features that go beyond simple text messages. One such feature is the Status feature, which allows users to share photos, videos, and text updates with their contacts for a 24-hour period. But what if you want to share your status with only one specific person? Can they tell if you’ve shared it exclusively with them? In this article, we will explore the mechanics of WhatsApp’s Status feature and whether it’s possible for someone to detect if a status was shared solely with them.

Understanding WhatsApp’s Status Feature

WhatsApp Status is similar to the Stories feature found in other social media apps. It allows users to post photos, videos, or text updates that are visible to their contacts for a span of 24 hours. This feature is a great way to share moments, express yourself, or simply update friends and family on your daily life. However, WhatsApp provides some privacy options to control who can view your Status updates.

My Contacts

By default, your Status updates are visible to all of your contacts. However, you can choose to share your Status only with those in your contact list. This ensures that only people you have saved as contacts can see your updates.

My Contacts Except

WhatsApp also offers the option to exclude specific contacts from viewing your Status updates. This is useful if you want to share a Status with most of your contacts but not with a select few. By selecting this option, you can customize who sees your updates.

Only Share With

The “Only Share With” option allows you to share your Status exclusively with specific contacts. You can choose individual contacts or create custom lists to specify who can view your updates. This option ensures that your Status is seen only by the people you select.


In the “Custom” setting, you can further customize who can see your Status updates by selecting specific contacts or contact lists. This gives you full control over who has access to your updates, ensuring that they are shared with only the intended recipients.

Maintaining Privacy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is designed with a strong emphasis on user privacy, and the platform has implemented various features to ensure that your communication remains private. When you share a Status exclusively with someone, there is no special notification or indicator that the Status was meant solely for them. It appears in their status feed just like any other status update. This is because WhatsApp does not track who you share your status with.


In conclusion, if you choose to share your WhatsApp Status exclusively with one person, they cannot tell that it was shared only with them. WhatsApp’s privacy settings allow you to control who can view your updates, ensuring that you can share your moments and updates with the people you choose. So go ahead and share your status with confidence, knowing that your privacy is protected on WhatsApp.

Additional Information

  • It’s important to note that while someone may not be able to tell if you shared your status exclusively with them, they can still take a screenshot or record your status and share it with others. Always be cautious when sharing personal updates and consider who you trust with your content.
  • WhatsApp also provides the option to mute or hide someone’s status updates if you don’t want to see their updates in your feed. This can be helpful if you want to limit the visibility of certain contacts’ statuses without completely blocking them.
  • Keep in mind that WhatsApp’s privacy settings apply to your own status updates, but they do not guarantee the privacy of the messages you send or receive in private chats. Always exercise caution and discretion when sharing sensitive information through messaging apps.

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